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ATTENTION! On Friday, February 21, 2014, there are was a hoax call for a shooting at Lake Mary High School, Florida. The person got a pre-paid phone, called 911 telling that he had heard shots fired at the school, and threw the phone is the trash afterward.

At the time of the event, no one was aware it was a hoax, and it caused a school-wide panic. The school was on lock-down for well over an hour while the police evacuated the school, searching all of the students and teachers.

Both photos above are screenshots from a video taken from a helicopter, which you can view here (x).

People who were evacuated, were searched and were sent outside with their hands on their head, during this most were crying and trying to call their parents. The second photo is of cops searching the cars of parents coming to pick their kids up.

Here is a video of a set of students being evacuated by armed authorities (x).

Despite the call, there were no shots fired. But people are on edge because the call was planned. The person knew they would find out it was a hoax, so they made sure the call was untraceable. Rumors say it was the person’s test run to see how many authorities would show up and see if they could get away with it. It is expected that it might happen again and it will be no hoax.

If you live in the Central Florida area, take extra caution when going into work or school. Everyone is on edge, and this could cause other people to become violent. If you go to a school in Seminole county, or go to Lake Mary High School, be aware that something is expected to happen next week, so my best advice is to stay home.

If you do not live near the Central Florida area, please still at least re-blog this post, because it has the potential to spread the word, and save a life.

guys this is my school and if you go here, or even work/go to school in the general area, i highly advice you to stay home. there’s no confirmation on a death threat to the school but better safe than sorry. 

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So I got blocked by Trevor Moran for asking a question lmao guess he doesn’t know any either

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